Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth heads to the opera

Al Gore
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Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth is being reworked into an opera by Giorgio Battistelli for Milan's famous La Scala opera house. Continuing in the grand tradition of other movies being turned into operas (Lost Highway, The Fly, Brokeback Mountain), the opera-ified version of the movie that is credited with launching the 'green' movement is set to be performed for La Scala's 2011 season.

Now we'll have the privilege of seeing Gore's sermons on climate change delivered to us in stunning recitative, while the soft contralto of the ailing mother earth lilts in the background. And what tenor has the chops to play the plucky hero: a dashingly handsome man who invents the "Internet," shepherds a nation through a period of unparalleled prosperity and suffers a painful defeat at the hands of the deposed king's son before being reborn like the phoenix? No wonder they're making it into an opera!

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