Banned Boondocks episodes eviscerate BET on DVD

Aaron McGruder
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Anyone who's followed The Boondocks as a comic strip or TV show knows that a few things consistently tick off creator Aaron McGruder: blind patriotism, faux-gangsta posturing, and Black Entertainment Television. As for that last item, well, apparently we haven't seen the worst of McGruder's bile just yet.

Set for release Tuesday, The Boondocks They were never shown on Cartoon Network, due to apparent objections from BET executives. A clip from one of those episodes, entitled "The Hunger Strike," has long since been up on the Internet. And... um... damn... this stuff is not safe for work. Especially if you happen to work at BET headquarters.

The episodes rechristen BET Chief Executive Debra L. Lee as "Debra Leevil," an apparent love child of the Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil and Cruella De Vil. McGruder's co-executive producer Rodney Barnes had this to say on the DVD commentary, as per the Los Angeles Times:

"You expect white television to present black people in a particular way. The anger comes from black television portraying us in a particular way. That brings out a different sense of frustration, and at the heart of these episodes is that frustration."

The fate of a potential third Boondocks season remains up in the air, while the old comic strip appears permanently retired, at least in a daily form.

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