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By the time this interview was recorded in 1989, David Crosby had been, in his own words, to rock bottom, including stints in rehab and in prison (serving 9 months of a 5-year sentence). But by all appearances, it sounds here like Crosby was back. Indeed, Scott Muni is able to focus on how these experiences were channeled into Crosby's new prolific output. Specific topics are Crosby's new autobiography, his new solo album, and plans for projects with both Graham Nash and The Byrds.

00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - Keeping busy
01:02 - The new solo album (Oh Yes I Can)
01:58 - The friends and guests that helped with the album
02:31 - Introduction for "Cruisin'"
03:03 - The autobiography (Long Time Gone)
05:06 - The intervention
06:07 - The new solo album (Oh Yes I Can)
06:37 - New album with Graham Nash
06:52 - Possibility for a new Byrds record
07:57 - In praise of Graham Nash / Meryl Streep 
09:11 - More praise for Graham Nash
11:01 - Recording the new solo album
11:34 - Introduction for "In the Wide Ruin" / Craig & Judy Doerge
12:29 - Upcoming tour dates
13:15 - Plans for after the upcoming tour
13:32 - The Byrds never had a live album
14:18 - A re-cap of his busy-ness
15:31 - Benefits of sobriety / help from one's friends
16:31 - Intro for "Monkey and the Underdog"
17:19 - Writing songs in jail / song writing to help quit drugs
18:40 - Outro / being busy / having a great time

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