Michael Bay preps Ouija movie

Michael Bay
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Feeling nostalgic for those long-ago evenings you spent holding pseudo-séances in your neighbor’s attic, freaking each other with a Ouija board? (And hey, maybe it was actually last week; we’re not judging).you. Producers Michael Bay (Transformers, The Amityville Horror), Andrew Form and Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes production company are working to turn the otherworldly board game into a movie for Universal.

David Berenbaum (Elf) has signed on to work on the film, but few details are available about the plot.Given the nature of the game, the flick is bound to deal with the paranormal, but it won’t follow the board-game-becomes-reality scenario à la 1995’s Jumanji.

The ‘Ouija’ movie is not alone in the toys-turned-movies genre, however.Coming on the heels of Paramount and Dreamworks’ success with 2007’s Transformers, Universal signed a six-year pact with Hasbro, the company behind such popular games as Candy Land, Monopoly and Magic, The Gathering. The deal calls for Universal to make at least four films based on Hasbro's branded properties (excluding Transformers and G.I. Joe, already claimed by Paramount). And the childhood fantasies abound.

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