The Big Lebowski's achievers get their own film

As if unlimited bowling, White Russians, sarsaparillas and oat sodas weren't enough reasons to head to Lebowski Fest this summer, filmmaker Eddie Chung ups the ante at this year's festival with the screening of his documentary, The Achievers: The Story of Lebowski Fans.

The film explores the zeal of fans of the Coen brothers' cult hit The Big Lebowski—devotion that is manifested annually at Lebowski Fest, this year held in Louisville, Ky., from July 11-12. Chung's fieldwork for the feature-length documentary included attending the past five Lebowski Fests (an impressive attendance record, as the inaugural festival was in 2002) and interviewing fans—known as "achievers"—and actors from The Big Lebowski.

Click here to see a trailer for the film, and for more information than you ever knew you needed to know about all things Lebowski.

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