The Hold Steady confirms new details for Stay Positive

Those of you jonesing for some bar-rocking Americana only need to wait a little bit longer, because The Hold Steady is about to open up the party pit. In preparation for the upcoming release of their fourth LP Stay Positive (which is already available in full on the band's MySpace) Craig Finn and Co. recently announced that the album will be available exclusively on iTunes beginning June 17, nearly a full month before the brick-and-mortar release.

The tangible product will follow on July 15 in a variety of flavors (all of them smacking of Springsteen and cheap beer). A special edition CD version of the album will include three bonus tracks, whose titles might make you want to raise a frosty brew right to your computer monitor right now: "Ask Her for Aderall," "Cheyenne Sunrise" and "Two Handed Handshake." There will also be a vinyl release, which will have the "Aderall" bonus track.

While you're sipping on that double-whiskey-coke-no-ice and waiting to kick off your constructive summer, check out Paste'sstudio diary series with Stay Positive's producer John Agnello for reflections on the creation of the album. Don't forget that the band is touring as well, since this is the kind of music best heard in fist-pumping singalong.

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