Feist teaches kids to count to four on Sesame Street

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As far as songs getting stuck in our heads go, Feist's "1234" is significantly better, then, say, the hook from any of Soulja Boy's recent jams, amongst many other things. And if you have any children under the age of seven, prepare to have that Apple-beloved little ditty rattling around once again for weeks to come.

Why, you may ask? Well, an upcoming Feist appearance on Sesame Street in which the Broken Social Scenester sings "1234" was recently leaked (we're looking in your direction, Oscar). In this version, the melody is the same, but the words have been altered to teach the wee ones how to count to, you guessed it, four.

The highlight? Sunhat and shades bedecked "chickens just back from the shore."

We dare you not to smile while watching it:

Too much fun.

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