Happy Days duo reunites, recruits for new series, TAKE 2

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Inquiring sitcom audiences want to know: Whatever happened to those guys from Happy Days? And those girls from Laverne and Shirley? And that guy and that girl from Will and Grace? Thanks to Happy Days duo Ralph and Potsie (Don Most and Anson Williams outside of Jefferson High in Milwaukee, where the show was set), some memorable television duos will reunite in very different ways on a new show, TAKE 2.

Produced by Most and Williams, who also star in the first episode, TAKE 2 “will reunite different iconic duos of the present and past, but in all-new stories, as completely different characters,” Williams said in a recent statement. “They'll still have the established on-screen chemistry that audiences know and love-but I think people will be stunned when they see just how different they can be.”

The point is not to present a remake of the old relationship, but to use the actors’ knowledge to explore new territory. Williams describes each episode as “a short independent film.” The idea for the show came when former TV Land producer David P. Levin saw the work of New York-based playwright Fred Stroppel.

Inspired by Stroppel’s brand of “short, quirky one-act, two-person comedies,” Levin wanted to find a way to translate the “provocative” scripts for the small screen. “Why not utilize that already established chemistry-bring together these beloved stars - in these provocative scripts that Stroppel had written?” he said in a statement.

Levin contacted Williams, who recruited Most. “I read the material, and loved it," Williams said. "Fred's work is like a cross between Neil Simon and Quentin Tarantino. Surprising, funny, provocative."

Fittingly, Most and Williams received the Legendary Television Duo Award from the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) in June. It was at the EMA convention in Las Vegas that the pair announced the upcoming TAKE 2.

Although the pilot episode, titled “Harvest Time” and directed by Williams, has been recorded, a debut date and a list of famous duos has yet to be released. Will Mork and Mindy soon be reunited? Or Brandon and Dylan of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame? Ralph and Potsie might make it happen soon.

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