Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm to return to HBO

Larry David
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Curb Your Enthusiasm fans will have a lot to celebrate, very probably enthusiastically, thanks to Larry David’s announcement that he is bringing the show back for a seventh season. But it's not coming till next year, so curb your celebration.

HBO plans to air the new season beginning in early 2009. The sixth season ended in November of last year, meaning the show’s fans will have lacked Enthusiasm for more than a year by the time the series returns.

Curb Your Enthusiasm was created by and stars Larry David (playing himself) as he winds awkwardly in and out of everyday encounters with his co-stars and guests. Largely unscripted, the actors instead receive scene outlines, making up the (often hilarious) dialog as they go. In the new season, recurring co-stars Cheryl Hines (as Larry's wife, Cheryl David) and Jeff Garlin (as Larry's manager, Jeff Greene) are expected to reprise their roles.

According to HBO West Coast president Michael Lombardo, David is “excited about it.” Curb your excitement there, Larry, and get this show on the road. We'll be waiting.

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