Lost Beatles interview discovered in London garage

The Beatles
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Scenario: You’re walking around a damp London garage and you stumble across 64 unmarked, rusting film canisters with music footage from the '60s. You’re thinking, at best, maybe we’ve got some Animals’ b-sides here or some live cuts from Donovan. Maybe even some rare Kinks footage. What you’re probably not expecting is an intimate, revealing conversation about the meeting and songwriting process of arguably the most famous band in the history of the world.

That’s right, film enthusiast Richard Jeffs stumbled across a long-lost Beatles interview only played once at the Scottish Television Studios on April 30, 1964. Originally, all Jeffs was able to make out on the canister were the names of the two men giving the interview, but then he immediately recognized the infamous voices of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The interview takes place shortly after the boys from Liverpool returned from America and their little ditty on the Ed Sullivan Show. Jorg Pieper, the German-born author and Beatles expert, told BBC this interview “is the earliest surviving long-form British studio interview with the band.” In other words, this could be Jeffs ticket to ride.  

In the nine-minute chat that was aired on the BBC Tuesday, Lennon described his initial meeting of Sir Paul, a day that no doubt changed the course of musical history.

"I was playing at a garden fete in the village where I lived just outside Liverpool playing with a skiffle group," says Lennon. "And he came along and that's how we met."

McCartney added that a mutual friend named Ivan introduced them.

What a party story for that guy. We can only imagine the interactions. “Oh, you went to Harvard together? Well, I introduced The Beatles. So I’m not really sweating it either.”

The two then went into details about their storied songwriting partnership. "Sometimes we write them on old pianos or anything that's lying around, guitars and things. Normally we sit down and try and bash one out," McCartney says. "Then again, there's no formula. He [Lennon] can come up with one completely finished, but we still say we both wrote it though.”

McCartney also says that the first song he ever wrote was a funny one called “I Lost My Little Girl.”

The interview will re-air on BBC at 3:30 p.m. GMT on Saturday, July 5.

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