Pretenders to release new album one MP3 at a time

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The Pretenders will release a new album, Break Up the Concrete, on Sept. 23. Instant gratification, though, starts now in the form of MP3 downloads of every track on the album before the actual release. The trick is that only one track is available each week leading up to the album’s release date. So really, it's more like a drawn out progression of instant gratification over nearly three months. You'll live, though.

Break Up The Concrete is the first Pretenders album in six years, and the ninth in the band’s catalog. Fun fact about the group, though: due to some line-up shuffles, Chrissie Hynde is the only original Pretender left, here backed by an all-new band.

Another all-new aspect of the album release is label Shangri-La Music’s plan to drop a track a week through different Internet media partners. This week’s track, the first off Concrete, is “Boots Of Chinese Plastic” available at AOL’s The band’s website will announce the list of future releases, at e-venues including Apple QuickTime's site,,, iLike, iMeem,, MSN Windows Media, Vh1 Classic, Yahoo and CBS Radio Online.

No track list has been released, but since there are 11 online outlets dropping Pretenders downloads in the next couple of months, speculation that there are at least 11 tracks seems fitting. Some details about the disc have been released, however, such as the fact that it was recorded in just 10 days. Hynde is behind the vocals, accompanied by James Walbourne on guitar, Eric Heywood on pedal steel, Nick Wilkinson on bass and Jim Keltner on drums.

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