Tenacious D announces plans for new "masterpiece"

Tenacious D
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When a band releases a tribute to the best song in the world, and said band announces its new upcoming album, a small part of you always holds out hope that the band will strive to create a new best song in the world and that it will make the cut this time around.

Two years since the The Pick Of Destiny soundtrack and seven years after the band's self-titled debut CD, The D is back in business, boys and girls. But the two men that have quickly come to redefine hyperbole and arbitrary self-set all-time ranking systems are going at their own pace on this one.

Member, co-founder and gut-shaping aficionado Kyle Gass announced to Billboard that he and his brother-in-rock Jack Black are back in the studio and should have their new album out soon. But Gass also says they have a mere one and a half songs wrapped up for the LP. This could largely be due to Gass stating the album is slated to become a masterpiece, so please plan your year-end list accordingly.

"We'd like to do one final masterpiece. I think we both know we're approaching death, as it were, and we'd like to have a lasting legacy,” Gass told Billboard.

The album remains untitled and there is no confirmed release date.

"It might take the rest of our lives, but I think it'll be worth waiting for,” Gass says.

For now, the greatest band in the world will be playing the VH1 Rock Honors tribute to The Who on July 17 as well as the main stage of the Reading and Leeds Festival on Aug. 20 and 22.

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