Zach de la Rocha, Jon Theodore form One Day as a Lion

One Day as a Lion
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If given the choice to live one day as a lion or a thousand years as a lamb, there would be a few things to take into consideration. Would this lion be in a zoo or stalking prey in the Serengeti? Would the lamb be fluffy or...? Wait, who are we kidding? We'd totally go with the lion.

Zack de la Rocha , former Rage Against the Machine frontman, and Jon Theodore, ex-Mars Volta drummer, apparently agree, as they'll release their first collaboration under the moniker One Day as a Lion this coming Tuesday (July 22). According to the band, the name comes from a 1970 George Rodriguez photograph of a wall scrawled with the above question in statement form.

The two have been in cahoots since de la Rocha completed his never-released solo album with Theodore in September 2007. Whether or not the self-titled album is the former collaboration with a new name, or completely different set of songs is hard to say. But we can give you this tracklisting:

1. "Wild International"
2. "Ocean View"
3. "Last Letter"
4. "If You Fear Dying"
5. "One Day as a Lion"

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