Brandi Carlile speaks out about, justifies GM commerical

Brandi Carlile
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In recent years, it's become increasingly common for musicians to eke their way out of the indiesphere by planting their songs in, gasp, mainstream advertisements for major corporations. And while it may be disarming for music snobs to hear Sam Beam's serene voice coming not from their iPods, but from a commercial hawking M&Ms, everybody needs to make a living.

What's not so common is when artists provide explanation to their respective commercial endeavors. But when singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile's song "The Story" was recently used in a GM ad, she did just that. So before you get on your high horse about SUVs and global warming, listen to Ms. Carlile's reasoning:

"When GM first approached our band to use 'The Story' in their 2008 Olympic ad...I promptly and politely declined. But, when they came back to us and offered to involve us in an ad campaign promoting hybrids, biofuel, bio hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars and...the Chevy Volt, I felt the need to think twice about having the opportunity to be a part of a huge American car company creating an ad campaign for environmentally responsible cars."

Carlile went on to say that the group would be donating all money made by the ad to various environmental organizations that support alternative energy sources. In short, Carlile not only explained her choice, but also hurled some substantial weight against anyone prepping their betrayed cry of "sell out."

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