Byrne and Eno's Everything available for download now

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[Above: the album art for Everything That Happens Will Happen Today]

David Byrne
and Brian Eno are still making sweet music together, even when they’re on separate continents. The digital fruits of their second collaboration, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, is available online for download today at

Everything That Happens is a collaborative effort recorded with almost no direct interaction, reports The New York Times. Eno was in London writing the music, and Byrne was in New York City adding melodies and vocals during the yearlong recording project.

“We didn’t really talk to each other,” Eno told The New York Times. “We used e-mail, the modern way of recording. I could spend as long as I wanted on the music. And he wasn’t under any pressure to do something with me sitting there drumming my fingers.”

The album includes 11 new tracks and is available in a variety of packages for download. It’s also streaming for free. The album will be released next month on commercial download sites, and later this year as a physical CD.

With this first collaboration in 27 years, Byrne and Eno show the talent that has made them some of the most recognizable names in the music industry. “We’re pretty excited,” says Byrne on the album's website. Seems like the understatement of, oh, about three decades.

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today tracklisting:
1. Home
2. My Big Nurse
3. I Feel My Stuff
4. Everything That Happens
5. Life Is Long
6. The River
7. Strange Overtones
8. Wanted For Life
9. One Fine Day
10. Poor Boy
11. The Lighthouse

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