Deerhunter to complicate your Friday night plans

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Deerhunter to complicate your Friday night plans

[Above: Deerhunter perform at the Variety Playhouse, 11/30/2007]

You were probably going to lay low tonight, watching (or, uh, re-watching) NBC's re-broadcast of last night's women's gymnastics all-around competition (go Nastia!). That's fine, but if you're searching for a less depressing option than comparing your own utter inathleticism to that of "16"-year-old Chinese girls, allow us to suggest Deerhunter's free show at Vacation Gallery & Boutique.

It starts at 7 PM at 674A N. Highland Avenue (right next to San Francisco Coffee, the band says) and costs nothing but a few ounces of your hard-earned sweat.

And if you just can't not watch Michael Phelps win his nine-thousandth gold medal tonight, we'll have a recap of the show for you on Monday.

Thanks to Pecanne Log for the tip!

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