The Kinks' Ray Davies to debut musical in September

Ray Davies
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We've been waiting all day and all of many nights (at least seven years' worth of them) for former Kinks lead singer Ray Davies to finish up his musical Come Dancing. But wait no more: NME reports Davies is finally finished and ready to fulfill your rock and roll fantasy by debuting and starring in his opus this September in London. 

Davies cites watching his sisters get all fancied up to go to England's capital city's dances every Saturday night as a key inspiration for the musical, which he says focuses on the lively post-war London ballroom scene at a time before rock and pop music had fully arrived.

He drew inspiration from the same memories for the song "Come Dancing," which became The Kinks' biggest U.S. hit in 1983. Davies composed 20 original songs for the musical, to be directed by Kerry Michael.

To whet your appetite for the project, here's a video of the song that inspired Davies' quest. Enjoy.

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