Lethal Weapon 5 script reportedly in the works

Mel Gibson
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Concealed in the shadows of his writing laboratory, Hollywood screenwriter Shane Black has sat hunched over his laptop, laboring on a secret new project. Producer Joel Silver was the first to see the results, and now word is starting to leak out: Black has reportedly cranked out a treatment for a fifth Lethal Weapon movie.

As ComingSoon.net tells it, the franchise's principal stars, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, are apparently down for reprising their roles as Officers Riggs and "Too Old For This Shit" Murtaugh. The original source on this story is Hollywood insider website TrackingB.com, so take that for what it's worth. As for the plot (and please, stop us if you've heard this one before), it revolves around Gibson's Riggs trying to pull Glover's Murtaugh out of retirement for one last action-packed adventure.

TrackingB.com's report also mentions that Black (who penned the script for the original Lethal Weapon) and Silver are now mashing elements of two scripts together. You know, take a jet-ski chase sequence from Script A, add a shootout at a miniature golf course from Script B... and voila! Stomp The Yard star Columbus Short is also rumored as a potential supporting cast member.

Keep in mind, though: absolutely nothing has been signed at this point. And some e-pundits are quite skeptical about the whole theory.

Still, assuming this report is genuine... is '80s nostalgia strong enough to support yet another Lethal Weapon installment? The National Post has a short and handy little timeline following the box office grosses of the first four films in the franchise. Those are blockbuster figures for sure, but it has been a whole decade since the last sequel came out.

Our suggestion: a total reboot in the mold of the recent Batman and James Bond films. Get an arthouse-approved director on board, and shoot it in a shadowy, neo-noir style. We'd be up for a midnight showing, in that case.

What would it take for you to see a new Lethal Weapon film? Sound off in the comments section below.

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