New Indigo Girls record set for early 2009 release

The Indigo Girls
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You know, sometimes the Indigo Girls get a little tired of the same old thing, and they really need something new and exciting to keep that zest and spice in their lives. Maybe they want to make a change, simplify. Maybe they want to release their next album as an independent rather than on a major label.

For the Indigos, whose newest release will be independent of label ties, the end of the label contract gave them a golden opportunity to go indie. “I love it,” Amy Ray, one half of the group, told Paste recently. “I’ve wanted to be indie for a long time, and I think it’s gonna be great for us, and really fun.”

Ray and bandmate Emily Saliers recorded the new album, currently untitled and set for a Feb. 2009 release, in only three weeks, including four days to record the same songs again as an acoustic duo. There are two versions of the same record, to be released close to the same time. “I don’t know how we’re gonna put those out, but they’ll come out some way and close to the same time or something,” Ray said.

This release will be the eleventh for the duo, but the first to be released without a major label.

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