reMIXT meshes art, music, artists, musicians and artist/musicians

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reMIXT meshes art, music, artists, musicians and artist/musicians

A gallery show featuring music that inspired the works on display seems obvious. But actually hanging a mixtape-equipped cassette player below each piece and pasting an artsy, anything-goes playlist next to it, complete with earphones and elbow room? That's a step beyond, and it's exactly what's going down during reMIXT, which opened Saturday night at Mint Gallery.

Tucked away in the back of a warehouse/apartment space in the Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, Mint's tiny apartment-esque showroom hosted PBR-holding hipsters among the wide ranging, musically-inspired paintings, posters, drawings and installation pieces. Admission was free, the raffle was $1 (I scored a hand-drawn map of all the area's local fresh markets for, essential for the new gal-about-town!) and, perhaps best of all, the art was for sale at very reasonable prices. 

Throughout the night, the room filled with local artists and musicians (Ben Coleman and Travis Thatcher of Judi Chicago were among the exhibitors) and the damp night kept sound from carrying.

reMIXT-2.jpgThe exhibit itself boasted media from photography to found object art to paintings. Next to each work hung an old Magnavox cassette tape player and headphones. Along with price tag and title, each piece had a playlist next to it, leaving the listener to connect the tracks of the accompanying mix tape with the art.

Some artists had recorded music for the cassettes themselves, but a special rush occurred when the playlists featured familiar songs. Amanda Goodbread's piece "A Life Less Complicated" was accompanied by songs from Neutral Milk Hotel ("Two Headed Boy, Pt. 2."-- best. song. ever.), Massive Attack, David Bowie and Goldfrapp, favorites that made her piece more accessible to viewers, another medium used to bridge gaps in understanding.

Our favorites included Robert Peterson's untitled cassette tapes and Phillip Jones' "Down With The Rubies," "Bird Dropping" and "Bunny Blow," accompanied by a playlist including work by Broken Social Scene, The Ruby Suns, Animal Collective and LCD Soundsystem.

reMIXT runs til Sept. 12. Mint is calling for artists for their next project, a Munny show, at

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