Ryan Adams already defensive about forthcoming book

Although it seemingly runs counter to his habit of deleting or amending much of his non-musical writing (see someone's chronicle of his volatile blog activity), Ryan Adams has announced his submission of a manuscript to Akashic, who accepted and will turn the project into an actual, permanent hard-copy book, titled Infinity Blues. As evidenced by the official working-cover above, this is Adams' mustard-colored ticket to the literary realm.

i submitted my work like every other person and my publishers hadn’t heard a note of my music as far as i know when i was accepted.
they had a manuscript the size of a sad-bible and i did the meetings and i didn’t get some free ride.
in fact, a publisher would be LESS likely to print some rock idiots verse it it didn’t suit their taste.
and my publishing house, in my opinion, is the DISCHORD RECORDS of publishing houses. and i am fucking happy to bust my ass for them.
and for the love of the word.
and the possibility.