The Allman Brothers Band sues UMG for $13 million

The Allman Brothers Band
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The Southern style of the Allman Brothers Band takes many people back to a simpler time. One where Mama made Sunday dinners, people gathered on the front porch instead of around the television and any dispute that couldn't be settled by the sheriff was taken care of with a shotgun.

Nowadays, most people leave the shotgun in the closet in favor of its 21st century equivalent: the lawsuit.  And the Allman Brothers are no exception. The group filed a $13 million suit against UMG Recordings Inc. on Monday in federal court over the use of their music by third parties such as digital music stores and ringtone services.

Yet another musician vs. label dispute. At this point, it would be faster, less expensive and far more entertaining if someone just created some sort of industry-wide standard for settling these stand-offs. We're thinking along the lines of a water balloon toss. Or maybe a rousing game of chess. Perhaps a few drinking games would do. We could totally see Marc Quiñones whooping his competitors at flip cup.

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