The Office takes over the world

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Beloved television comedy series The Office migrated to the U.S in early 2005, and has already been adapted to French (Le Bureau) and German (Stromberg) from the original British version on the BBC. Now, The Office has made its way to South America for a BBC-licensed Chilean remake, La Ofis.

Featuring the likes of a well-known Chilean actor, Luis Gnecco, the Chilean Ofis will be the first Spanish-language version of the show, and is set to premiere Aug. 6. It has also been reported that a Russian version of the series is in the works, but when we'll be seeing the Russians "do the dance" is anyone's guess at this point.

The Office doesn't return to the U.S. until Sept. 25, but in the meantime, enjoy watching Manuel Cerda perform "El Baile de La Ofis" and prepare yourself for The Office's global takeover.

Paste: What version of The Office is best?
Dwight Schrute: My version.
Paste: False. That's a ridiculous question.

* The preceding is not an actual exchange between Paste and Dwight Schrute. It is also not a black bear.

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