Todd Snider bumps Peace Queer, offers download

Todd Snider
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Todd Snider's birthday is Oct. 11, and he wants to give us a present.

A free download of his latest, Peace Queer, will be availible from Oct. 11-31 on his website.  The eight-track EP will be available in stores on October 14, pushed back from that Aug. 19 release date we told you about a bit ago.

On Peace Queer, Snider set out to inject some of his signature comedy into the oft-stoic face of protest folk, while still managing to remain modest about his job as an "International Peace Queer."

"I'm not saying I'm necessarily a role model," he said in a recent statement. "But I will say that everybody has to do their part. And you can look at me for an example, if you must. I haven't killed anybody in 12 years."

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