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Jeff Bridges
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If Paste had existed back in the early '80s, it's probable that the P4ST3 51GN5 of L1F3 4 1982 would have featured a little movie about video games and virtual reality called Tron, starring a relatively unknown actor named Jeff Bridges.

Now a worthy cult classic, the film inspired a generation of computer users to be awed by the power of those machines that would soon infiltrate the lives of even the most n00bish programmers. Maybe not trap-you-in-a-hellish-gaming-world-and-force-you-to-compete infiltrate, but definitely enough for you to be reading this right now.

Twenty-six years after its original 1982 release, Disney finally premiered a teaser trailer for a Tron sequel at last month's San Diego ComicCon. Rumors had been flying for years, so when the light array of cityscape exploded to reveal a duochromatic biker chase through 3-D space, the crowd went nuts. Tron 2, or TR2N, revealed much updated computer graphics from what had been possible for the first—a fact that, as The Movie Blog put it, made longtime fans near wet their pants.

Jeff Bridges returns as an older Kevin Flynn, with his younger likeness still serving as gaming avatar Clu. Last week, an announcement showed up on IMDb claiming a 2011 release. No new information or clips are to be seen until closer to that date, but two things are for sure: the screenplay has been overhauled by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis of Lost, and a fixed-up bootleg of the clip from ComicCon can be seen here.

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