Waylon Jennings' final unheard recordings on the way

Waylon Jennings
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Ever since the ancient times, it has been said a son shall carry on a father's legacy. Luke Skywalker didn't do so well, but Shooter Jennings is here to pick up the slack. And all the proof you need is the upcoming album, Waylon Forever.

In 1995, Waylon Jennings asked Shooter to collaborate on an album. They did vocals on about 20 or so tracks in the studio at the time, and each moved on to their own musical aspirations for the time being. Then in 2002, with a Grammy and a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame to his name, the elder Jennings passed away from diabetic complications. At this point, it seemed the collaboration would be scrapped for good.

But then in 2006, Shooter decided to move the project forward and transferred the original tapes into ProTools. He then brought his band (the .357's) into the studio to provide the backing to his father's vocals and complete the record.

Shooter says he believes the decade-plus of musical experience he has gained since the initial conception of the album will make for a more complete musical sound. “The tracks I originally made were a little young and messy, but they were still really wild," he said in a recent statement. "Now I feel like I been given the chance to take my years of experience and
match them to his."

But even more so than the musical maturity and musicianship it seems Shooter is thrilled simply to be able to put something out in the world that can serve as a tribute to his father. “Either way, we did it and we now have a record that reflects his huge creative drive and the boundlessness of his own artistic mind," Shooter says. "Waylon forever!”

Waylon Forever is due out Oct. 21 on Vagrant Records.

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