launches IMDb-like band database
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Say you find yourself cruising one midnight dreary, browsing new music and scoping out rare EPs, when suddenly you find a band you've never heard of before. You're intrigued, but first you have to do some essential fact-checking to make sure that you're not accidentally copping some Creed cover record (perish the thought). But what a pain! You've got to open a new tab, browse, and then refer back to the Amazon page. You call that 21st century technology? We want everything now! You can sleep a little bit easier tonight, brave internaut, because Amazon is about to make multi-tab music browsing a thing of the past.

Amazon, middleman extraordinaire, is aiming to make your online music-buying experience that much simpler with the release of SoundUnwound, a database touted as an IMDb for music. It's editable by anyone, like Wikipedia, and poaches track and album information from sources like YouTube and MusicBrainz.

Given that Amazon actually owns IMDb, it seems like the natural progression of things in this crazy Web 2.0 world. If you're struck by the sudden urge to figure out whether Jimmy Page or Robert Plant wrote the riff to "Black Dog" (trick question, it was John Paul Jones), every obsessive detail is now a mere mouse click in the Amazon online music store.

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