Ben Folds and Nick Hornby to collaborate on record

Last week, music collaborator extraordinaire, Ben Folds, told about plans to possibly do a record with Nick Hornby. And it wouldn't be the first time; Hornby helped Ben Folds write a song called "That's Me Trying" for a William Shatner album in 2004. Yeah, we know. We just blew your minds.

Folds told the news outlet that the work would be split and the two artists are discussing an album "where he writes all the lyrics and I write the music." The horn-rimmed musician says he was inspired after doing his "fake album" where he spent eight hours in Dublin recording crappy music and then 'leaked' it on a fansite.

Doesn't sound terribly inspiring, but we'll take his word for it. "[We will] write and record it in about three days, just like we did in Dublin with the fake record," Folds said. "It's fun - I'm excited about it. It wouldn't have been possible without the fake album."

The short time frame may be the least of the the duo's problems. Folds said about the subjects of his and Hornby's subject matter, "I'm not going to let them intimidate me. I'm just going to go in and whip out the music. Some of [the lyrics] hit close to the bone about certain things, certain named people, and we've been juggling how to keep from making a record that's going to get sued."

Ben Folds newest solo disc, Way to Normal, debuts Sept. 30. On Thursday, he reunited with Ben Folds Five for a show in North Carolina, and Paste was there.

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