Cold War Kids pen poem for David Foster Wallace

Cold War Kids
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The Cold War Kids are feeling the loss of David Foster Wallace, who passed away Sept. 12. With their new album Loyalty to Loyalty out Tuesday, the band posted a poem to the late writer on their MySpace page. This Is Water is copied below:

First thing you taught me
Was to keep digging inside
At my intentions
Keep asking why why whySecond thing you taught me
Was to be sincere
Not like all these smart alec sarcastics
Drowning in fearYou reminded me -
This is water! And
It feels good to swim!
After you hooked me and you reeled me up
And threw me out againTalked like professors
You talked like policemen and whores
You became so many people
I felt like I had known them beforeThe third thing you taught me
Is that when I’m waiting in line
At the supermarket checkout
That my time is not worth more than your timeYour head like a lightning rod
Your heart a cocoon
We certainly won’t have another like you
Anytime soon.

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