Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters will take a break

dave grohl
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Suddenly the title of the Foo Fighters’ last album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, is starting to make a little more sense. Frontman Dave Grohl told BBC radio that the band plans to take a break following its tour this past summer.

Grohl didn’t specify exactly how long that would be, but he did say the band will stay out of the U.K. for as long as a decade and will “come back when people really miss us.”

“We've never taken a really big, long break. I think it’s time,” he said. “It’s a funny place being in the band now because we’ve been a band for about 14 years."

The Foo Fighters’ longtime fans no doubt aren’t feeling their loyalty rewarded right now, but given that the band has released a studio album every couple years since many of its fans were preteens, maybe taking a breather isn’t such a bad idea. You can listen to the radio the interview here (skip to 2:03:30).

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