Dungen's 4 gets full stream, commentary

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The release of Dungen's 4 next week sees the Swedish group unleash more melodic psychedelia, this time with further jazzy twinges and ethereal, orchestrated flourishes. And according to helmsman Gustav Ejstes, the group is evolving along with its music. "I’m a control freak, but I have a lot of confidence in these guys now, where I can present a song and ask what they would contribute to it.” Ejstes told self-titled. "I might still say, ‘You should play a little more like this,’ but I am open [to ideas]."

Along with the interview, self-titled presents a full stream of 4, with commentary by Ejstes and Dungen's new drummer, Johan Holmegard. Some of our favorite tidbits? Opener "Satt Att Se" was almost released with rap vocals. The "original jam" of "Samtidigt" was "like 60 minutes." And "Fredag" is "meant to evoke the weekend, like, 'I'm so excited!'"

Check out the album stream and Dugen's illuminating commentary here.

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