Franz Ferdinand eyes spring for new record

Franz Ferdinand
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The Scottish dance rock imports of Franz Ferdinand have completed their third album, and are looking at a release early next year. Lead singer Alex Kapranos describes the album as "a dance record."

It's been three years since You Could Have It So Much Better. "The last record was fast, furious, frantic, 150 beats per minute. It was like a teenager having sex," Kapranos hilariously told the BBC. "This one's a bit more assured and a bit friendlier for the dance floor. It's about 104/105bpm. It does sound different, and there are different instruments on the record, different tempos, a different attitude to making it."

But Kapranos says it's all relative when saying a Franz Ferdinand album sounds "different." "It's always going to sound like a Franz Ferdinand record when it's the four of us making it. It's very much a dance record again this time." In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kapranos explains further: "It’s actually quite a sinister record in terms of mood but what I’ve been searching for on this record is that really naive energy you have has a kid when you hear music and you can’t control your body’s reaction to it."

The band has been offering a stream of the jovial, bouncy new track "Lucid Dreams," the first available glimpse into the untitled forthcoming record, on its website. An official release date has yet to be announced.

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