Legendary artists record soundtrack for Awake, My Soul

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With a “Howdy” and a hymn, filmmakers Matt and Erica Hinton are bringing a new (old) form of folk music back to the forefront. Awake My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp is the first feature-length documentary to examine America’s oldest musical tradition, Sacred Harp singing.

Sacred Harp is an a cappella tradition of haunting, shape note singing, passed on for more than 200 years in the rural South. The Hintons spent seven years tracking down Sacred Harp singing in the Georgia and Alabama and capturing it for a new audience.

The two-disc soundtrack for Awake, My Soul serves as a Sacred Harp primer, but features current prominent artists “to make the songs accessible for a new audience,” according to a press release. The first disc includes traditional Sacred Harp performances, and the second is popular adaptations of Sacred Harp songs.

Disc two features the likes of John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Rayna Gellert of Uncle Earl, Doc Watson, Elvis Perkins, Jim Lauderdale, Murry Hammond of Old 97s, Danielson, Richard Buckner, The Innocence Mission, Rick Moody, author of Garden State and The Ice Storm, Woven Hand, and Mac Powell of Third Day.

Awake, My Soul will be airing on PBS stations beginning in mid-November, but the soundtrack is available Oct. 14.

Disc One: Awake, My Soul: Traditional Sacred Harp Singing from Georgia & Alabama tracklisting

1. China
2. Russia
3. Stratfield
4. Jordan
5. Marlborough
6. Bear Creek
7. Abbeville
8. Corinth
9. Lloyd
10. Eternal Day
11. New Britain
12. Delight
13. Panting For Heaven
14. New Jordan
15. Restoration
16. Prodigal Son
17. Schenectady
18. America
19. Antioch
20. Norwich
21. Consecration
22. Poland
23. Idumea
24. Cowper

Disc Two: Help Me To Sing: Various Artists performing Songs Inspired by the Film tracklisting

1. "Blooming Youth" - Rayna Gellert (Uncle Earl) & John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
2. "Weeping Pilgrim" - Elvis Perkins in Dearland
3. "David's Lamentation" - The Good Players
4. "Africa" - The Innocence Mission
5. "The Christian's Hope" - Jim Lauderdale with Jeni & Billy
6. "Help Me To Sing" - Mac Powell (Third Day)
7. "Columbus" - John Wesley Harding
8. "The Traveler" - Cordelia's Dad
9. "Abbeville" - Liz Janes
10. "China" - All Things Bright & Beautiful
11. "Essay" - Tenement Halls
12. "Windham" - Richard Buckner 
13. "Sermon on the Mount" - Danielson
14. "And Am I Born to Die?" - Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton
15. "Kedron" - Sam Amidon
16. "Consecration" - Woven Hand
17. "The Grieved Soul" - Rick Moody and Nina Katchadourian
18. "Vernon / Wrestling Jacob" - Tim Eriksen (Cold Mountain Soundtrack)
19. "Christian's Farewell" - DM Stith
20. "Bound For Canaan" - Murry Hammond (Old 97's)

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