Mick Jagger to present report for European Commission

Mick Jagger
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Mick Jagger  has a secret. His days may be spent jet-setting around the world, but come nightfall he dons the mantle of the e-commerce savant and rubs elbows with economic gurus in high places. At least, that's the only reason we can imagine the European Commission is having him present a report on Internet business.

The report was announced after Jagger sat in on an online commerce round table in Brussels. Sir Jagger, at the behest of the European Commission, will be presenting his report on Internet music retailing and online copyright law.

Apparently, Jagger is old friends with the European Union's competition commissioner Neelie Kroes, so his participation isn't totally inexplicable. Hey, if nothing else, it'll give him a break from all those sinister biker gangs that have been haunting his memory lately. Jagger's report is due in October.

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