New Coen brothers film begins shooting in Twin Cities

Joel and Ethan Coen
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With Burn After Reading set to open nationwide on Friday and after three Oscars this year alone, Joel and Ethan Coen have certainly completed a year’s work. But don't tell them that.

As most filmmakers spend big pre-release weeks with fawning agents and damp palms, the Coens are set to begin filming A Serious Man this week in the Twin Cities area, the first time they have returned to their birthplace to shoot a movie since Fargo in 1996.

Poised to be the cheapest and smallest-scale movie the Coens have made in years, the film follows a '60s Jewish academic family (not unlike the brothers' own, many reports have noted) as it begins to unravel in darkly comic fashion. The movie has drawn locally for the majority of its cast and is due for release next year.

In the meantime we can get festive with Burn After Reading this Friday. Reviews have been mixed, but the (mildly NSFW) red-band trailer definitely strikes a slap-happy rhythm:

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