Watch Ben Kingsley portray Minor Threat's Ian MacKaye

Ben Kingsley
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Perhaps it was his role as Don Logan in Sexy Beast that helped Ben Kingsley connect with his inner angry, unbridled side—a far cry from the actor's famous performance as Ghandi. Whatever the case, Mean Magazine's recent video of the knighted, Oscar-winning actor lip-syncing as Ian MacKaye to hardcore punk band Minor Threat's eponymous classic song has got the Internet all in a tizzy with questions.

Although Mean, the culture and fashion magazine whose 17 issue hit stands this month, has a number of other videos on its Vimeo channel (including footage featuring Easy Rider director Dennis Hopper and British actress Kate Beckinsale), it's the Kingsley-MacKaye clip, shot in black and white and appearing without explanation, that's perplexing readers and viewers.

Do we have an interpretation? Sure, a few. And we're happy that this video and MacKaye's recent interview in the July/August issue of The Believer remind people of the Fugazi- and Evens-helming, Dischord Records-founding man's centrality to independent music.  Still, it's probably best just to watch and wonder for yourself:

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