Steve Martin to release album of original banjo tunes

Steve Martin
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In an episode of late and greatest high school TV series Freaks and Geeks, freshman Sam finally takes longtime crush Cindy to a movie. They see The Jerk, which Sam is sure any soulmate of his would enjoy. (She doesn't.) Later, as he attempts to explain why the relationship won't work to his friends, he harps on the fact that she didn't laugh. It's a simple principle he learned early: If the one you love doesn't love The Jerk, it's probably not going to last.

Driving, yet sensitive when needed. This album will amaze many because it will show people that Steve takes his music as seriously as he does his other work and performs it at that level. Steve has written some of my favorite banjo tunes. I think after the release of Steve’s new album a couple of tunes might become standard fare for new pickers.