Sufjan Stevens lends music to Natalie Portman's short film

This morning, The Playlist brought word that Eve, Natalie Portman's directorial debut, premiered at the Venice Film Festival accompanied by Sufjan Stevenstunes.

The short film, staring Olivia Thirlby, Lauren Bacall and Ben Gazzara, is about a girl who "finds herself intruding on her grandmother's romantic date."

The Playlist's fesitval spy called the 22-minute film "charming at best" and noted Stevens music was "recognizable: piano, very melodic,...all instrumental." She added that a boom mike was visible three times.

At a press conference for the film, the young director said that she didn't know Stevens but admired his music and called to ask if he'd be willing to help out, recognizing his output as "beautiful music."

Portman also recently directed a segment of New York, I Love You. The film will be released Feb. 13, 2009.

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