Ted Leo releases benefit EP, talks new album

Ted Leo
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Since 2007's Living With the Living, Ted Leo has been out there, well, living. He spent some time stumping for Obama, rocking out in the name of populism, and cutting split 7-inches with screwball comedians. Leo was never one to rest easy for too long though, so it's back to the studio for he and his merry band of Pharmacists for a new LP that could be out as early as next Spring. The group has "almost a whole album written" Leo told Billboard.com, "some of which I'm happy with and some of which I think we'll probably want to rerecord. We have a few more songs to write"

The band just released a four-song benefit EP for victims of what Leo calls "transparent bullying" at last month's Republican Nation Convention: "There was this whole series of preemptive arrests and detentions that went on before the Republican National Convention that were excessive in their brutality - and I don't think it's really a stretch to use that word - and excessive in their show of force and their methodology and excessive even in their choice of targets," Leo said. "It really, really offended me."

Titled Rapid Response, the EP is available for $4 from Touch and Go's website. With tracks like "Mourning in America" it could be the perfect gift for the Reaganite in your life. Proceeds from the EP will go to Food Not Bombs Minneapolis,Democracy Now and to help with legal fees for those who have been arrested: “This isn't meant to be some grand sweeping statement on our part - it's just a way for us to contribute SOMETHING real to the lives of real human beings, and show our material support for those whose actions and thoughts we value in this ideological struggle.”

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are also about to embark on a pre-election tour, first with Against Me! and then in swing states around the country. Stay tuned for details.

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