Annuals and Bob Ross: The Joy of Making a Record

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Next month, Canvasback releases Such Fun, the much-anticipated sophomore album of Raleigh-based indie-pop sextet Annuals.

If you can’t put your finger on the artist behind that particular effervescent landscape above, just think of who might have such fun creating it. That’s right. Annuals will pay homage to the Y generation’s godfather of creativity, Bob Ross.

“The way that Bob made his paintings, and the way he paints in particular, is pretty similar to the way that our band makes a record,” the band said in a recent statement. “Bob Ross starts his paintings with simple little smudges and blotches, making ‘happy trees’ or ‘cute little bridges’…but when it’s finished, and his blotches take form, we see that his paintings are actually intricate landscapes.”

Ross' long-running PBS program, The Joy of Painting, is still in syndication in certain states. Enjoy a full-length episode here while you wait to admire the Annuals/Ross collaboration in person. Such Fun comes out Oct. 7.

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