David Gordon Green to direct Heartland horror flick

David Gordon Green
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Prior to Pineapple Express, most people probably thought they had David Gordon Green pegged as one of American cinema's up-and-coming indie auteurs. His modest, somber debut, George Washington, was one of the best-reviewed films of 2000. His directorial follow-ups—All the Real Girls and Undertow—garnered favorable reviews as well, and prompted Green's biggest cheerleader, Roger Ebert, to say the following: "He has made three films of considerable power and has achieved what few directors ever do: after watching one of his films for a scene or two, you know who directed it."

This year, Green has turned the perception of him on its head. In the Spring, he released the affecting drama Snow Angels, a film Paste said "belongs among the best ensemble tragedies." But his second film, the James Franco/Seth Rogen stoner comedy Pineapple Express, baffled people who had pigeonholed him into the dark indie drama category.

Well, it looks like Pineapple Express is an indication of where Green is heading, if only in terms of experimenting with genres. Green is now attached to direct the thriller Freaks of the Heatland, based on author Steve Niles' six-part graphic novel. Freaks tells the story of the births of "monstrous" mutant children, prompting a community to decide whether to protect the kids or to kill them.  Niles is also responsible for the source material of 30 Days of Night.

What this announcement means for Green's previously announced high-concept comedy Your Highness, with Pineapple co-star and frequent Green collaborator Danny McBride, is unknown. Green has also been rumored for the remake of '70s horror/fantasy flick Suspiria. The only thing that ties all of these potential projects together is the fact that none of them resemble his earlier works.

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