Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin to fight for Meryl Streep

Alec Baldwin
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In the season three finale of The Officeis the best actor around. Daddy is Meryl Streep."

Michael Scott is right. Streep is pretty much the best actor around. After conquering the worldwide box office as a dancing queen in the ABBA-inspired musical Mamma Mia!, Streep will next be seen in Doubt, a project dripping in Oscar-bait: she plays a nun hellbent on exposing a priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) for his questionable activity with a minor. (Hello Oscar nomination #15!)

Doubt is about as heavy as it gets, subject-wise, so it's not surprising Streep has decided to follow it up with a Nancy Meyers romantic comedy. Meyers, writer/director of Something's Gotta Give and What Women Want, has cast Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin to play rivals for Streep's affections in the as-yet untitled film. It is due sometime in 2009. Baldwin and Martin, incidentally, will co-star on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

Baldwin and Martin are proven funnymen, but can we just stop for a moment and give a shout out to Streep's tremendous comedic chops? Click here if you don't believe us.

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