Mos Def releases MySpace tease, plans for Ecstatic Dec.

Mos Def
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If it weren't such an awkward-sounding catchphrase that will never ever catch on, you might say that Mos Def pulled a Decemberists. Much like Colin Meloy and Co. recently, the Mighty Mos (or, rather, his handlers) issued a press release Tuesday afternoon announcing that his new album will be released in December on Downtown Records.

No further information except the previously reported title, The Ecstatic, was offered, but Mos has posted a 35-second snippet of the record's first single, "Life in Marvelous Times," on his MySpace pageday, Nov. 4. What does it sound like? Not bad, actually, but again, the clip is 35 seconds long. Mos doesn't start actually rapping until a quarter of the way through, and shortly thereafter, he's cut off mid-verse. What a tease! Maybe he is like The Decemberists after all. And if The Ecstatic turns out to be influenced by Electric Wizard, well, color us completely effing psyched.

Doom metal tangents aside, the snippet is promising, and the press release alludes that there will be more information soon. Perhaps Jeremy Goldmeier wasn't lying after all when he said, amidst a flurry of Mos Def news in November 2007, "Expect to see plenty about the Mighty Mos in Paste's music and film sections next year."

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