Netflix brings 12,000 movies and TV shows to TiVo users

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After a recent pact with video game consoles to make its Watch Instantly service available away from computers, and another with Starz to expand the library of titles it offers, Netflix has announced it closed a long-gestating deal with TiVo to provide mutual subscribers with 12,000 movies and TV shows available on demand.

Though there had been some concern only obscure titles were available through the service, recent deals brought more high-profile releases. Titles like Ratatouille, No Country for Old Men and numerous seasons of The Office are among the website's current streaming top 50.

The deal comes after a prolonged periodtried to broker a deal without success. As with others, TiVo will begin to make adjustments to accommodate Netflix  subscribers in December. A minimum subscription to a Netflix plan, some of which run under $10 a month, is all that’s required for TiVo users to take advantage of the movies. Previously, Netflix users could purchase a special box from Roku for $100 to make the service compatible with their televisions.

As video on demand becomes increasingly popular with more mainstream technology, Netflix has sought ways to keep its services competitive. The company has long said that its roots, DVDs delivered through the mail, would eventually become obsolete. The rental service hopes to make its streaming movies available on as many platforms as it can, with televisions with built-in Internet on the horizon.

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