Paul Westerberg to pen songs for Glen Campbell

Paul Westerberg
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When head (ex-)Replacement Paul Westerberg found out that country star Glen Campbell covered the Minnesota band's "Sadly Beautiful" on August's Meet Glen Campbell, he called his manager. "'Tell Glen I'll be his next Jimmy Webb,'" Westerberg said, according to The Guardian. Webb, who penned hits like "Up, Up, and Away" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" for Campbell, now performs his own songs and recently released live record Live and at Large.

And while Westerberg, whose most recent release was this year's 49:00, is prepared to songwrite for Campbell's upcoming album, he and former bandmate Tommy Stinson still aren't ready for a Replacements reunion tour. Said Westerberg, "Certainly Tommy and I could go around as the Replacements and draw 10 times more and make some money... But I'm not there yet, I gotta say."

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