The Ex List gets pulled from CBS after four episodes

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Although the critics were pretty nice to The Ex List (an impressive feat in itself for a rom-com type show), the Friday night CBS series couldn't get the ratings it needed. After only four episodes, the network has pulled the plug. For now.

Although CBS has immediately taken the show off its schedule, the network has yet to make any official statement about whether or not it is totally canceled. If that's the case, it would mark the third cancellation of the Fall 08' season, following the yanking of Do Not Disturb(sorry, Jerry O'Connell) and Opportunity Knocks. Either way, an unaired six episodes remain in the can.

The show, based on a popular Israeli format, likely failed due to its timeslot. As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, "It can't help that... [it] aired on Friday nights, when young women craving romance are more likely to be out on the town than staying home to watch TV." The two shows that occupied the timeslot at CBS before, Moonlightand Close to Home, failed to reach viewers as well. Also not helping the show was the pullout of original showrunner Diane Ruggiero six episodes in.

Per Newsday, CBS will replace the show with NCIS repeats on Oct. 31 and Nov. 7 and will air a repeat of Numb3rs on Nov. 14.

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