Top 10 most memorable moments from the Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue Benefit

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Top 10 most memorable moments from the Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue Benefit

[Above: Debbie Harry]

We love animals. A lot. But Rational Animal's Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue NYC benefit show, which helped to raise money to save stray animals from euthanasia, at Highline Ballroom last week was a little, well, weird. It must have been a full moon.

10. Dead Four Living, apparently playing its "first performance anywhere," sounded like a really earnest high-school talent show band—if you went to Hot Topic Academy.

9. The novelty of a Keith Richardsventriloquist doll did, in fact, get old.

8. Cover band attempting a Stevie Wonder impression on "Superstitious." 

7. Lissy Trullie's guitarist was better than the band itself. And a snappy dresser.

6. Moby introduced Debbie Harry by bemoaning our living "in an age of vapid and insubstantial pop stars." Who didn't see that coming?

5. Hey, Natasha Lyonne was there! 

4. Earl freaking Greyhound. More of the sexy funk rock, please.

3. Debbie Harry still sounds pretty damn good. (Dear Universe: Please let me be able to rock a pair of black capris like that when I'm her age.)
2. Seriously, Earl Greyhound was awesome.
1. Debbie Harry's quip on animal rights causes: "I've gone down on all fours. I can relate to that."
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