Arrested Development Stars Keep Making TV Better

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For a period of 27 short months, TV was redeemed from all the cookie-cutter sit-coms and increasingly ridiculous reality shows that passed for network prime-time programming by the Bluth Family on Arrested Developmentless awesome TV shows (and in the case of Jeffrey Tambor's Twenty Good Years, much less awesome TV shows). Fortunately they've been many, especially lately:


Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) has had brief stints on ER, Samantha Who? and Andy Barker P.I. Last week he showed up on NBC's Chuck as Emmit Milbarge, the Buy More's efficiency expert. After confiding with Chuck about his lady friend Henrietta in Ontario ("She's a real tigress"), he reported Chuck's "lewd use of a musical montage." Unfortunately for the staff at the Buy More, and fortunately for us, Milbarge (a reference to the duo in Spies Like Us) is the new assistant manager and will be around for several episodes.


David Cross (Tobias Fünke), more than any other cast member, has been all over the little screen since the end of Arrested Development, especially lending his voice to animated fare like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This year, he was a guest on MTV's Human Giant as the agent for an actor who had his face surgically altered to save time on makeup for his sci-fi show right before it got cancelled.


 Will Arnett ("GOB" Bluth) as the closeted, ambitious Devon Banks, has already been kicked out of his corner office on 30 Rock, but the real treat was the return of the very GOB-like "Max the Magician" on Sesame Street: