Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live going film

Chuck Klosterman
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If the inherently morbid 6,557 mile cross-country trek in Killing Yourself to Live had one lesson for Chuck Klosterman, it was the old trope that the journey is more important than the destination. Still, the destination has been pretty nice for Klosterman; five books into his career, he's the reigning king of pop-culture addicts. He'll be adding another feather to his cap (probably a Kiss hat) soon too: Half Shell Entertainment has nabbed film production rights to Klosterman's rock memoir/romantic confessional.

No other details about the project have emerged yet, but a writer will be assigned to the project soon. Half Shell partners Mark Burrell, James DeJulio and Rob Salvatore are on board as producers, and Klosterman will be executive producing. "The idea is to do a comedic road movie heavily based in rock 'n' roll," Klosterman said in an interview with Variety.

How well will 85% of a true story will translate to the big screen? Given Klosterman's love of obtuse witticisms, it's a pretty safe bet that the movie will have just as many references to Ace Frehley and vehicles named after Star Wars fauna. But will it stay true to the sheer number of times Klosterman gets drunk/stoned (or stoned/drunk)? As long as it actually looks like the video for Tom Cochran's "Life is a Highway," we'll be happy.

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