Update: Ron Howard confirms Arrested Development movie

Ron Howard
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During a press junket for Universal's upcoming Frost/Nixon, Ron Howard told Maxim that the much-ballyhooed Arrested Development movie was, in fact, on its way to the silver screen.

“I think it’s looking very promising,” said Howard. “We’re still just lacking that one thing we need: a script.” He also confirmed that Mitchell Hurwitz, who created the Emmy-winning series, would direct the movie.

Watch the video of Maxim's interview:


For dallying so long in the realm of is-it-ever-happening, the movie version of canceled cult show Arrested Development has been called the Chinese Democracy of film, the SMiLE of comedy, the Juneteenth of adaptations. (Actually, it's never been called any of those things before. But it should have been. And actually, it kind of now has.)

New promises! That's the theme of today. A chicken dance in every room! A stair car in every driveway! We've played with the heartstrings of fans for months, reporting when rumors began to emerge, then when Jason Bateman and David Cross said yes, then when Michael Cera scoffed at the idea.

But now Arrested patriarch Jeffrey Tambor has lit the fire once again, telling Collider.com that he wasn't tired of talking about if the movie would happen because the movie was going to happen. "[W]e’re doing it," Tambor told host Steve Weintraub. "We are going. It’s a go. I just actually this week talked to [writer/creator] Mitch Hurwitz, so we’re doing it."

Tambor didn't know much about details, but he told Weintraub that "when the writer calls you, the director and the executive producer calls you, it’s a pretty good sign." So while we wouldn't bet the farm on it, his own certainty gives us reason to hope that this news is change we can believe in.

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